Hello panic & anxiety!!!

Hello panic & anxiety!!!

So the mrs has gone to her mums while we have the builder round doing the kitchen, everything was fine for half hour or so, untill I heard the post, I got up and as I did I felt a nasty pain in my chest, the pain went pretty quickly but it left me thinking about it and dwelling, so I went upstairs and started playing my guitar, it took my mind off it for a short while but when I stopped it soon came back, I started feeling weird in my chest and in my head, any twich I had in my chest I would worry about, heavyness in my chest etc, its horrible, so I got up and went to the kitchen grabbed a glass of water and my propranolol and made for the bedroom, anxiety is horrible, right now as I write this blog I feel weird horrible. I do this thing where I check my pulse a lot, don't know why, anyway just thought I'd let you guys know what I'm going through right now, Peace.

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  • Hi Rob

    I'm new here and I'm no expert but I can understand how you are feeling. That pain in the chest is a familiar feeling for me too. I know that it's scary when it happens, and that thinking about it can bring it on. Does the medication help? I know everyone has their own remedy, and only you know what works best for you, the music sounds good - does listening to music help too, or just playing? I hope you feel better by now. Take care - be good to yourself

  • I know how you feel mate, any pain in my chest means I'm gonna have a heart attack which really scares me and will start me worrying for ages. I swear I'll give myself one worrying about having one lol. When I get a headache I think I have a brain tumor. I guess I'm just crazy lol xxx have a good evening xxx

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