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Friday to day

Woke up with this light headiness its with me all the time as if I am going to fall but never do,two years now,and anxiety for 30 years it gets harder but I the only release is if I am doing something else (Physically working in the garden,not sure what to say but I am still in their fighting,if I sit on the bed watching TV I am ok but really don't want to spend to much time like that,William ,everyone have a good day

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Hi teabag

Sorry to hear you have woken up with the light headiness its a horrid feeling i had this really bad but its started to wear off thank goodness.

Like you said to be doing something physical to distract your mind from worrying. I am laughing because i am no cook but decided to start making cakes havent killed anyone yet and it has helped. I also try and do some breathing exercises as the therapist told me you will not fall or pass out if the breathing is right.

I wish you well and all we can do is try and ride the feeling out it will pass eventually.


Love Seyi xxx


Hi Seyi yes its totally illogical I as I have never fallen in 20 years and I get angry for myself sometimes for feeling like this,its just my impatience as I had a good three weeks in February when it disapeared but it returned and I cannot figure out that if I can have a good spell why can't I get rid of it now,but never mind I've been down Tesco's and B and Q's ,just got back,have a good day my friend.William xxx


Just to add I was worrying that I was losing a little weight but my new trousers are a 42 inch waist instead of a correct 38 inch waist,silly what we imagine isn't it .William xxx


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