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Oh no,my Son is stopping out tonight,whatever will I do.These are the times when,if you allow it to happen,things can go downhill quick.But,thats not me anymore is it,no,I don't let little nothings like missing my Son get to me,its no big deal is it.After all,we all know that missing a loved one can be a good thing if you deal with it in a positive way.

Take my Sister for example,her 20 year old Son has just gone to Australia for a year,first time away from home and all that.He was nervous ,but,after getting settled he is loving it and because he is happy,then so is his mum,sorted!

I guess its like that with all problems really,there is always a compromise,an answer,a solution,you just have to find it.

Just watching Channel 4,"The secret millions",put it on,its quite interesting,young people lacking motivation and a guy trying to motivate them,hmm,ring any bells.

As for tonight without my Son,as Gloria Gaynor once said"I will survive",course I will.

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You might have a career as a life coach soon Castel! I started to watch The Secret Millions but then my sons wanted to watch a Derren Brown episode. It was about faith healing and the religious charlatans in the US. interesting take on how the mind works as after a couple of hours of 'training' he managed to get people to hypnotise others into thinking their chair was hot, them leaping off it etc, so shows how powerful our thinking can be. Must download The Secret Millions, I hope the kids did good!!


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