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Anyone have a winning flutter today,no,me neither but,I have had a winning day again.Got my decorating done,no drama,no stress.Took Son for a Subway,Footlong meal deal only £5.00,bargain and bloomin lovely!

Yep,today has been ok,a nice sunny day which always makes me feel better,the old sunshine effect.

Sat here now watching Ant & Dec Hmmm,still nothings going to get to me,not even those two!

Been to see my poorly cat today,Levis Mum laid her hands on him like some sort of witch doctor,shes into tree hugging and stuff,each to there own!One thing I do know,she used hypnosis 7 months ago to quit smoking and it worked,theres food for thought.

Gonna go make a brew now,you want one,have a peaceful night.

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Oh,I will have a brew!Have you not tried the healing hands?I know I would.


Hmm,been a long time since I had a womans hands upon my person,the old ticker may not take it!


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