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Feeling more in controll lately might be speeking too soon

For the past week i have been sleeping on an air bed in the living room while i construct my new room, partition wall almost complete and plenty of decorating too be done.

I must say keeping busy with this has kept my mind at rest and i have been getting used to sleeping by my self. theres been a change in my mood. I only feel strange when i am in the ex's presence but no were near as bad as it used too be.

All your advice and support has helped me a long way through this time.

Im not backing out of moving just getting my head together and get my self in a better finacial position.

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Hi - it sounds like you're doing really well - keep going! Keeping busy is a really good way of distracting you from the negative thoughts but also having a plan for the future helps you to feel in control too. I hope things continue to get better for you. Best wishes Ronni


Hope it works out for you.what your are doing seems to be the best at the moment financially and better still if it is helping you .You are not backing out,only doing what is best .


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