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Hello everybody,1 week ago I thought my life was ending,what a difference this site has made to my life and I will tell you why.Last Monday was my first panic attack,in bed,in the early hours,in the dark,the" grim reaper" had come for me but I was not ready,I am a single Dad,my Son is in his room asleep.Oh how I so wanted to wake my Son for comfort,I was so scared and confused.I didn't die that night but I needed answers,medical answers or so I thought.The N.H.S. Nurse told me about this site and this site has saved my life and that is the truth.

Take heart all of you in the fact that we all suffer in our own unique way,I am afraid of my Bed and not ashamed to tell you.Let me tell you this,I will not be beaten by anxiety and neither should you.

Wrong,I am no stronger than you or more able to cope but I refuse to be beaten by my own mind,people on this site make me feel that I am not alone or going mad or different.People on this site have made me feel strong and positive and in only a week,my outlook is very different.

For years,I did not know what was wrong,I do now and am damned if this is going to ruin my life.

The second I start to feel anxious,I move,do something,talk to myself,whatever it takes.Keep changing your routine,change your mind,change your undies,just change!

Remember people,NON of us are mad and we own our brain,not the other way around.

I love my Son too much to allow this to beat me,we all have someone and if you don't,then come talk to me,take care.

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Its always good to hear someone feeling a lot better on here. Good for you. With the positive attitude you cant go wrong. xx


Ah its good to hear how positive you are i was just like you had them during the night and they scared the hell out me i thought i had something wrong too and still do a little i used to cry before i went to bed and then i would get up every night sweating heart pounding shakes etc i was so affraid and i do hope i start to feel a little more positive like you i do have some good nights now but still suffer from this terrible fear and think there is something terribly wrong every time they come on even though i have had tests and my gp said i am healthy its just accepting that they are only panic attacks and am still finding it a little hard at the moment i do hope i get like you thank you for your positive thoughts xxxxx


Hi,I am so positive because people on here have made me this way.I know its not just me,it gives me strength and should you also,we all know its in our head and between us we will beat it,take care,im off to bed soon and I will sleep and so will you.x


Good for you. Thank you for posting such a positive outcome. You're right, this site is fantastic, One tiny blip can magnify in time, but with these lovely people to talk to it does make a difference. It can stop the blip opening into a big hole(a bit dramatic I know) but hey ho that's the way we feel sometimes.


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