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Tears, laughter, then strength :)

I thought I would share a little of my night last night. I am currently learning to drive and I hate the roads. I've been super nervous about it but it's something I feel I need to do.

So last night was my first night on the roads and my super patient partner is teaching me. I'm stalling a bit every now and again and this made me really nervous. My chest was tight, I had a slight pain in my stomach...but...I did OK and was driving fine...until I got to a round about and saw a car coming up behind me. I had to stop to let another car go around the road and I stalled. All I could see were the headlights of the other car in my mirror, my mind went absolutely blank, I was pulling levers, turning keys and just burst into hysterical tears and told my boyfriend I couldn't do it. He tried to calm me down but by now I was an absolute mess and told him he needed to drive. Lord bless the guy behind me for his patience. My partner had to get out of the car whilst I clambered into the passenger seat. It took me a good 5 minutes to stop the huffs and puffs of my meltdown until I realised how mental I must have looked flapping around in the drivers seat. Haha! My partner just looked at me and burst out laughing. I had mascara running down my face, I was sat there in my dog saliva covered coat that I'd just walked the dog in, hair in the messiest state you could imagine...I couldn't help but laugh myself. All because I stalled the car. I was feeling so uptight about it I think it just pushed me over the edge. But rather than end what was quite a good lesson apart from this mishap on a bad note, he persuaded me to get back into the drivers seat and do a few more rounds and I managed :)

I think that if this had been a few months ago I would have been bed ridden with nerves, but I am so pleased that I can now overcome anxiety and laugh at myself. I was a bit tight chested for the rest of the night but was pleased I finished my driving :) I'm slowly learning not to be scared of challenges.

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Good for you,it's a start.this story also gave me a smile,very brave of you and your partner .


how wise your partner is and well done for getting back behind the wheel! :)



haha keep it love i had terrible anxiety when learning to drive even though i'd always wanted to. I did pass eventually.


Hi Mandy, well done. what with your recent trip and now starting driving you are going great guns. Sometimes we have to laugh at ourselves though eh?!


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