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Fear of others being sick?!

Hi everyone,

For as long as I can remember I've been petrified of other people being sick, I can remember every person I've seen vomit in front of me, and the visions haunt me.

For the last 18 months i've suffered with severe anxiety and its taken the sickness phobia to a whole new level. I'm to scared to go into public places incase someone is sick, I feel trapped if i'm in a situation that I can't escape from. Also, when I have a panic attack I start to feel sick, and if I cant 'get out' and stop it, i'm sick myself. I've never had a problem really with being sick myself, but I am kinda now.

Does anyone else have the issue with other people? Any tips on how to deal with it?

I drive my poor Husband crazy, asking constantly if he feels sick, or gonna be sick. I've had 5 miscarriages and so desperate for a baby, but my other concern is if i could 'switch it off; where my own child is concerned.

Thanks for answers in advance


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Hi Butterfly

With anxiety there are usually one or several things that we seem to focus on & fear , sometimes it can be health , leaving the house , OCD , sounds in your case people been sick

Had to smile when you said you keep asking hubby if he feels sick , bet he must start to feel it at time ;) but its only like me , I am always asking mine about certain things as well part of anxiety

Have you been to your GP , I do think it would be a good idea , sound like some counselling could really help you , I no you may feel you cant go , but believe me they have heard it all before & they will not think anything when you tell them , other than getting the support you need

5 miscarriages , i am so sorry love that must have been a terrible time & could also added to your anxiety

Everyone on here is great & as people come on will give you lots of support & even though I suffer with alot due to anxiety , I dont have this fear , but others may well do & when they see your post have better advice

I really would consider , asking your GP for support

Keep posting , you are not alone with anxiety on here





It's been 4 years since this was posted but I wanted to reply.. Since I was a child I've been PETRIFIED of sick.. Me and the rest of my family went out and my sister got travel sickness and she was sick, since then I have been petrified.. I don't go out to party's or anything even school trips when I have to sit next to them on the bus I get panicked..

I've told my mum but there's not a lot she can do... does anyone have any advice


I know exactly how you feel. My biggest fear is others being sick around me, rather than being sick myself (although this can trouble me at times as well). I remember when I was in primary (elementary) school I would avoid all of the school trips that involved a long bus ride, due to the extreme fear of other kids being sick on the bus. I also loved going on roller coasters (even though I am terrified of heights), but the fear of somebody vomiting while I was on it made me extremely anxious and I generally avoided visiting theme parks.

I'm now 24 years old and recently had an encounter where a friend vomited right next to me (nearly on me!), and my anxiety has since resurfaced (because I hadn’t been exposed to actual vomit in quite a long time, it was something I had repressed and had actually sort of forgotten that I was terrified of it).

I do have situations at work, where if a colleague near me claims to be feeling unwell and is coughing a lot, I will literally jump in fright and move away from them as soon as possible, and I will be very very anxious for the rest of the day, making sure to avoid this particular person at all costs.

Unfortunately, I’m not here to offer any advice as I haven’t been able to ‘cure’ myself. It is just comforting to know that I’m not the only one with this fear, because it can seem irrational to myself and to others, but it is awfully debilitating.


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