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Emetophobia & Health Anxiety

I have suffered from a terrible fear of vomiting most of my life (I am in my 30's now) and constantly worry that I am ill or I am going to be ill. I now feel anxious if I have any symptoms of illness, even things like colds and headaches that should be unrelated to vomiting. It is taking over my life. Does anyone else have this and what have you done to improve it?

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Hi Sportbilly

I am suffering from Health Anxiety. I dont have a fear of vomiting but i do tend to worry if i get any kind of physical symptom that it is something more serious than it actually is. I used to get so bad that I went through a really bad phase of going to A & E any time i noticed any pain in my body many times twice a day. The anxiety of being ill is a really awful thing to have to go through because with me it got so extreme that I believed I didnt have long to live when I got a headache or a pain in my leg etc. I am not taking any medication for this anxiety through choice but I have had 12 weeks of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which has been a God Send to me. It has helped me curb my ridiculous thoughts of death and illness, it has helped me regain a lot of control over my worry about illness. I still battle with it and I am continuing in therapy but week by week I am getting a lot better. I know exactly what you are going through.

i would definately advise seeing your GP about this as it can be dealt with and your GP will more than likely offer you meds for the anxiety but if you are honest with your GP about the extent of your worry and anxiety you can ask that you be reffered for Coginitive Behavioural Therapy. Just because i dont take the meds it doesnt mean they dont work, they seem to work for a lot of people on here, but you definately need therapy to help you deal with the issues of constantly worrying about your health. It does take over you life it has practically robbed me of mine but i now can see the light at the end of the tunnel and feel that overcoming this is achievable.

Please go see your GP believe me i know how bad health anxiety is and it can be dealt with but you do need that additional support.

You can message me anytime if you want someone to talk about it or need some moral support in getting the help you need.

All the best



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