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Housebound with anxiety and need to move across the country soonish. Help? (possibly TMI)

I've been housebound with GAD/toilet phobia/IBS for over a year now. I live in the south with my 3yr old daughter, but want to move up to Liverpool some point soon for both financial and personal reasons. Only thing is, I have no idea how I will be able to do that. There are people around who can pack up and move furniture and my daughter, but I genuinely think I'll need to be fully knocked out for the entire journey with no chance of waking half way through (that would be beyond terrifying and would end in a lot of embarrassment for me, and unpleasantness for anyone else in the car, and probably being unable to look them in the eye for a long time after).

Does anyone have any ideas? Also, I can't go to the doctor's, and they won't come to me, so it would have to be something that someone else could get for me.

Sorry if it's a little incoherent, just thinking about panicking makes my stomach go squirly. Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated

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That sounds awful, and I can totally understand how scary the thought of travelling to a completely new place is unsettling to someone without GAD, let alone someone with! Maybe you could phone the doctors and ask to speak to the doctor over the phone and see if they can give you any advice or maybe arrange a home visit? Or perhaps try some sleeping pills for a few nights before hand to see if they work and how long you stay asleep for to see if they will last the journey, then you can be sure you will be ok?

I wouldn't panic though, everything is in your control. If worst comes to worst you don't have to move instantly and you can always turn around or make regular stops on the journey. I know it is not the same but my agrophobia stops me from walking around a lot, so sometimes I mark spots on the journey where to stop so I know there is only a certain point to get too, the focus allows me to move from one spot to the next,without worrying about the whole long journey.

Sorry if my advice is no good! I hope you find a solution! Take care hun!


hi, i read your post and felt i had t comment as im in a similar situation. Ive been suffering from anexity since oct last year (this cycle) but many years in whole, however this is the first time ive ever been house bound with it. When im home i feel like anexity dosent exsist and therefore it makes me more adament im not going out. But im learning to realise its not that it exsists out in the real world its in my head and im not going to get anywhere till i empty it from its hiding hole. I cannot get to my doctors but i rang n explained the situation and was aloud to have a perscription sent home with my hubby, so maybe you could try that? as for the travelling this is my sticking point. i live in the north east and i need t get down south to visit the inlaws, they are very understanding but i cannot get into the car to get from a-b without feeling sick and lightheaded. the thought of having to stop at services for toilet breaks worries me also s my hubby has come up with a solution night travel i get in the car go to sleep then before i know im there maybe you could try that? or if the worst happens andy you need to stop services are somewhat empty in the early morn so try travelling very early to avoid people x its not the best but if it gets you where you need to be xx good luck xxdonver


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