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Banff Film Festival

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well.

Some of you may already know about this but every year there is a festival in Banff, Canada that showcases a range of extreme sports films. It shows everything from Mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, climbing. All entries are placed into a competition and those that go on to win awards are shown in a UK tour that takes place every year. I have attended the last two of these events and I always come out gobsmacked at what people can achieve. It makes me realise what we can all miss out on in life (although we don't need to be as extreme as those shown in the films!)

There is this film as an example:

Although I know this is not to everyones taste, the views that these people get to see throughout their lives, the skills they develop and boundaries they push, the smiles on their faces...all make me realise how much is out there, and how little I am experiencing. My anxiety has stopped me flying and travelling, and before the anxiety I had wanted to learn to snowboard, to experience other countries. I let a few skipped heartbeats (although a scary symptom, it should not be scary when a consultant tells you your heart is healthy!) stop me from doing this, yet a man in this film dislocates his shoulder when he falls performing a jump whilst skiing...they pop his arm back in and and up he gets and on he ski's!! It's astounding what we can do when we have the positivity to get on with life. I really want to make this year and coming years in the future count! I don't want to miss out on anymore of life.

These people push themselves to the limits and only extreme circumstances cause them worry (if at all)... I worry when I'm sat on my couch and get wind because it feels like chest pains!! The mind is a wonderful yet sometimes ridiculous thing!


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Banff is a wonderful place, I spent two weeks Snowboarding at Lake Louise 6 years ago. You should make it your goal to do it, you will not disappointed :-)


Hi Paul,

Ah that sounds great :) I do feel that I am getting strong enough to do it. I've booked a short flight to force myself to get back on a plane, and I have told myself that if I can do this flight, I will be on another at the end of the year, beginning of next year and I will be getting some snowboarding lessons.

Hugely jealous of your snowboarding :)



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