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Can an anxiety attack cause muscle and joint pain?

Hi! I have mild fibromyalgia which is usually under control, but recently I've had horrible anxiety symptoms which I've managed to get under control, but have been left with bad joint stiffness, pain, pins and needles, tremor when moving.

I've had these symptoms with fibro but never this bad. The GP says it all in my head and won't do any blood tests. My thyroid was tested 6 months ago and was normal (I take thyroxin) and won't retest.

Any thoughts?! x

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Hi I have fibromyalgia as well and have had it for 12 years. At the moment I am suffering with the worse neck & shoulder pain that I have ever had. In fact getting quite panicky now. My Doctor told me it was because i was always tense that I had pain worse but i can never believe them. I have an underactive thyroid as well which does not help the problem. hate this anxiety, I can never have anything mild it always has to be the worse thing in my mind.


Hi, thanks for replying. It's interesting that you have underactive thyroid. Sorry to hear you have anxiety as well. I've never suffered this badly with both fibro and anxiety before. Do you have problems using your hands....this is a new one for me! x


absolutely it can cause aches. I developed anxiety around when I became pregnant ( my work was the cause of my anxiety not my pregnancy) and I had so much pain in my arms etc which then makes you even more anxious as you worry about the aches. I dont have fibromyalgia but I do have underactive thyroid and that too causes a lot of aches for me.


Hi mumma, thanks for replying. It's interesting that you should get aches because of hypothyroidism, shouldn't the thyroxine stop that?


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