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It not ALWAYS a Heart Attack

Hi ya this was my reply to a question but i thought it would make a good post so excuse me for being lazy and posting it. Lol. don't take any meds especially aspirin on an empty stomach . Now as someone whose had a heart attack I can tell you the anxiety heart sensation and the heart attack symptoms I had were different I won't tell you how because anxiety will use that info to make you feel them I suffer from nearly all the anxiety problems there are iv had them for years too many years then I sat in AnE after a big panic attack that like us all we think are heart attacks I should have known better but I said to myself iv had enuf of this and the next one I had I sat and went thru it facing it down telling it to do its worst and instead of getting worse it got easier it passed it was a breakthrough for me I don't fear them anymore they still come but not as many and not as strong as they were before. I hope you can get through this stage you have the strength god knows all of us who have anxiety have huge amounts of that suffering with this everyday I wish you very well and all my support to get through this all the best. Mel

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