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why does my body hate me?

Iv`e been having some health problems for quite a while now, I have a weakened rectal muscle through damage by childbirth many years ago which has only sufaced in the last few years. I about to undergo treatment for that. Iv`e suffered from back pain for quite a while, & exesises haven`t helped much, & on top of all that, my thyroid has done the dirty on me & become underactive, then there`s restless legs at night, & heartburn, also palpitations from time to time. I know that none of these conditions are life threatening, but they do reduce the quality of life. It`s as if my body has turned against me, & is doing all this stuff just to be spiteful. What could I have done to it to make it so angry at me?

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Its nothing at all that you have done hun , this is life sometimes , happens to some & not others & there is no reason why

I suffer with anxiety & also health problems & I think each can make the other worse

Have you been & seen your GP & told them how you feel

You are not on your own with health problems & anxiety , hope that makes you feel a little better , at least you no its not just you

Think we get angry at ourselfs with our thoughts than anything

Give yourself a rest , maybe your body is telling you that , I no mine does

Let us no how you go on , but see your GP , if you havnt & let them no how you feel

whywhy xxx


YOu don't have to DO anything. Bodies are just repositories of hate. Mine hates me. It has been punishing me with pain all my life and I'm some kind of goody-two-shoes like you wouldn't believe. If I was some kind of monster I'd understand it. There'd be some justice in it. But that's life. It stinks. We're trapped inside this moronic, hate-filled machine of blood and bone. Funny thing is - and I could be wrong - but it seems to me that it's the nice-but-neurotic types that get this kind of crap from our bodies. I decided I might as well do something to deserve all this pain - then drew a blank. I just don't WANT to be a bad person. Ironic, huh? Right now sitting here doubled up with stomach acid burning holes in me and worried that I've just given myself brain damage because I got so angry with my body that I've been belting myself round the head (the punishment of choice that my mother used to mete out to me when I was little). Yelling at my body to "Stop it!" and that I've done nothing to deserve it. If I survive till tomorrow I'll have a sore throat from the yelling which always gives me a fever for about a week. So my body not only attacks me it makes me look a complete tit when I get mad at it. What should we do? Laugh or cry? Best advice I can offer is remember that there are thousands of people going through this same fiasco. It's not just you and you haven't done anything to deserve it any more than I have. Laughter helps to take your mind off the pain. Find something funny on the web and then find something else. Even though the last thing you feel like is laughing. It confuses your brain and gets your focus off your body for a bit. Now I must go and take my own advice and hope I haven't bruised my silly brain :)


I do wonder why wicked people never seem to get ill, & I wish that I had the courage to treat others as badly as they have treated me in the past. I can only hope that there`s truth in the talk about karma, & eventually people like me will be rewarded, & bad people will get their punishment in another life.


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