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yano you try to help people but it gets thrown back at your face and you end up feeling frustrated and angry...........for stating your opinion and telling some home truths on what i myself would do if my OH slept with a prostitute!

Its not really worth talking to this woman if she's going to be so defensive of her husband who done the dirty on, sod her!!!!

Maybe i was a bit harsh with my answers, but i wont pitter patter lightfooted around someone who has been cheated on and had their life put at risk...........ya just cant help some people

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Hi Linny

Can see you are feeling stressed here , not sure who you have been trying to help ?

You cant help some people sometimes i no

Let it go & make sure you have a nice evening

Here if you want to chat

whywhy xxx


give it a rest linny- perhaps you should take a look at why you are so angry and try to sort out stuff in your own life instead of preaching your opinions on here. It was my first time on this site and i was feeling so low, and due to your words i now feel much worse, so thank you for that.


I was trying to help you but you turned on me, its not my fault your husband ran off with a prostitute!

Excuse me but i suffer with anxiety and depression and i am sorting that out, im on medication for it, not that its any business of yours. Stay off my threads and sort your own life out, you wanna have words with your husband instead of blowing your top with other people!!!!! Idiot


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