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Hi all

After just reading rose post on here, I thought I wud just write a little post! As u know rose set up a little chat on chatzy, which I've found really helpfull, the people that have used it have a gud chats in there, and its been helpfull wen u want to talk to sumone. Not many people have used it, so if u wud like to then message rose ur email address and she will send u the link to join. Even if u want to just give it ago and u feel as if its not for u then don't use it, but the people that's have used it have been very lovely and friendly, if u wud like to use it then arrange a time, so others know wen ur in there. If not then as rose stated in her post we will lose it xxx

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sorry can just about navigate my way around this site and my new phone at the moment - don't think my brain can handle any more technology at the moment .


I don't mind doing a blog,but don't think I could handle a chat group at the moment,I do think it is a great idea and I thought it would be well used.I know I would have been welcome but one of my probs is I feel I,m butting in going where I am not wanted,I have no self esteem,also look at my blogs,everyone's says beside it"report"not mine,mines is " delete" ,so I thought"oh well,mines is to be deleted " wipe me out,lol


See what I mean!


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