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What is it about snow that has such a majical effect on me? maybe its time to move ------

yeah right - can just about make it to shops and back so likely to move! am feeling very good at mo though and sure its down to the snow.

Its also this web site - its amazing talking to all you lovely people - but there's something about snow that makes me feel safe - which i very rarely feel at all.

Don't feel pressure to go out as if its ok and normal to want to stay in and hibernate when snow every where outside but also even when do go out it seems to have a calming effect on me.

Run out of cigs last night and went up shop about sevenish - normally would spend hours thinking will i wont i, can i, but last night just wrapped up and off i WENT. Maybe its because there's hardly anyone around and its so pretty and clean looking everywhere or that it has majical effect on everyone and so people are much nicer to each other when they are out and about in it - don't know - anyone else feel its power or am i really mad?

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Hi janev

Feel you have a point here

I dont like going out , but like you when its snowing its a good excuse to feel better about stopping in as you feel not so alone as you imagine unless people have to , every one will stay in snug & warm , so maybe it helps us to feel normal (whatever that is ) for a little while :-)

True as well not so many people about when its snowing , everyone is just getting to where they need to be & taking no notice of others , so again , maybe it helps us feel secure as we dont feel everyone is looking at us (when they dont anyway ) but we can feel they are

Dont feel your mad at all

Shall I do a downer here & just mention , wait till it turns to dirty slush lol thats the bit I dont like !

Glad to see you are finding this site so useful & seeming more brighter today

whywhy xxx


The snow is lovely its so calm outside no traffic or people, i feel like taking the dog out for a walk i dont think she would be happy about that. i also can only pop to the shop when its dark with my grand daughter,i dread light summer nights as i always feel the need to wear a coat or jacket for comfort.Wish i could lead a normal life like other people xx good night sleep well xx


Hi Janev,

I know exactly what you mean. I have to get up at 6 every morning to walk our dog and most days I could cry because I am so tired and I feel sick getting myself up. But as soon as it started snowing and we had a lovely few cm's of thick white snow, I was up and out no problem. It is extremely calming. To me it seems to mute all of the sound around me, and I love watching it fall when it's really heavy although it doesn't make a sound.

I love snow :)



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