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Like a swan

Hi everybody

Have suffered with Chronic Anxiety for many years. Like a swan, calm on top paddling like hell underneath. I appear happy to others but far from it. A brilliant actor. Should get an award.Take no medication for it. I have no problem going to and staying asleep, thank god. I feel like there are 2 people in my head. I work part time. I just have to put up with my daily annoying thoughts that make my life very difficult. Does anybody else have similar symptoms?

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Yes I have those symptoms ...and all of the 'acting' can get very tiring sometimes .

Not sure what the answer is but, I would not hesitate to use medication again if I got really worn out.

swan : )


Hi Swan

Great way of putting it love "great actor " that describes me for years , what you see on the outside is not what is happening on the inside , what a struggle it is though

Well there is a few I still wont let no whats on the inside , but I have opened up years ago as eventually my acting skills let me down :-( to good friends , family , GP people I no deep down I can trust (trust can be a problem with me as well , as I dont trust very easily ) but what a relief it is when you stop acting , thats a weight of your shoulders before you start , at least then you can start been you & get the help & support you need !

Start talking , people on here will never judge & no exactly where you are coming from

Maybe you have some friends & family who you feel you can trust , start opening up to them , after all no one can help if they dont no , people that really matter will support you

Maybe you feel talking to your GP could help , they are very understanding & heard it all before

On this site , there is no need for acting skills lol just let everyone no how it is , there is so much support , if you feel you cant do any of the above , then make here your starting point !

A big Welcome

Keep posting , lots & lots of understanding on here just waiting for you !



Sorry , "spangle " o well shows i am not a good actor , cant even get the name right ! lol


Thanks for that.


Hi Spangle. I know exactly what you mean! Trouble is, somtimes, I paddle so hard that I go round in circles and meet myself coming back! ;)

The swan needs a chance to glide sometimes, otherwise, yes all that paddling tires you out. I discovered this website recently and found it gave me an opportunity to peep into the water see that I am not alone. The support helps.

Good Luck



Hi Spangle and Ann, Welcome :D , come in and take a seat. Yes I do feel as if I am acting when I am out, I suppose I am..I would hate for folk to know what was really going on. In fact they are not interested in the slightest!! No more than we are interested in what they are thinking. Could be the same as us or even worse . Its lovely to think of a swan gliding....mmnn I'm going to try that. Please keep posting , Love and Hugs x Ella x


I know what you mean. We have the 'invisible' illness. We seem so ok on the outside and are churning up on the inside. I am always told how well I look yet I am struggling big time on the inside. I need to be a swan gliding more often. I am so glad that I found this site as I know I am not alone and there are such lovely people on here with heaps of support. Thanks for that and all the best Spangle.


Good for you HF! It amazes me too how common panic is, and what people have to put up with in any illness. I am glad I have this site to help me or others love from x Ella x


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