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stress and panic attacks

I have started having panic attacks....from 2 months of high stress at work. the doc gave me prozac j....have taking it in the past at high stress times in my life! now just thinking i may have to change positions at work is giving me more stress.....I don't know what to do ...the job stress is mainly a few months a year and otherwise like it...what to do what to do....

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Hi. ghoulie. Nothing, absolutely nothing. Let me explain. Whatever you do in the state of anxiety you are in at the moment will produce more anxiety. Fear breeds fear. You will add fear to fear which is a self perpetuating process. When I say do nothing I do not mean sit at home and vegetate. Far from it! You have to face your situation and stop anticipating and trying to think or 'fight' your way out. The anxiety you feel at the moment is brought about by fear of what MIGHT happen not what WILL happen. You are highly sensitised by your situation. You have to 'desensitise' yourself by TOTAL acceptance of how you feel. You are frightening yourself! You sound a competent person. Has the high stress at work brought this on? Can you talk to your employer about this? Some are sympathetic and may help. If not you have to rely on your ability to accept and go with your feelings. Please, do not try and 'fight' or 'struggle' with the feelings. This is the natural response and the wrong one. Difficult? Yes but success is inevitable if you persevere. Very best of luck. Come back and let us know how you fare. Jonathan.


If this has been happening for a long time it would be a good idea to speak to your employer before making any decisions regarding work environment as they have a duty of care to you. decide what parts of the job are too much and suggest what they can do to make it easier but emphasise how it will help them rather than you (although underneath the aim is to look after no 1 -YOU). After all why should you suffer they get paid more than you! Chin up!


thank you for the advice....I try hard to stop my mind from rolling but I can't seem to do it! I am scared of leaving the job and scared of what I may get with a new position! I know it all seems like nothing but it is big to me.....I want my doctor to take me out for just a little while to try and get a hold on these panic feelings,feel like I will have an heart attack!! How long will medication take to help? Been on 4 days now.


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