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Anxiety experience followed by Ibs

Hello everyone,

I am very new to this website and just wanted to share my experience with anxiety and what knock on effect it has to the body physically.

Since a really young age I have been struggling with stress and for along time I have been able to control the anxity that comes with it.

I guess looking back I should of spotted my body telling me that it was catching me as I had bold patches name alapEsha which is know to appear when your body goes under a pressure at any given time in the past.

I have managed to march through that and just carrying on as normal.

Over the past year and a half I managed to land my self in a good career stance but with added pressure. Not listening to my body I carried on until I lead my self to mental exhaustion.

This exhaustion has led to me having really bad anxiety attacks and completly being on a negative frame of mind. In addition to that I have now developed ibs which has just made my life worse.

This for me is the worse time of my life and I have struggled to deal with it. I have to change the whole person I was to a new me, meaning diet , stress management , and a possible career change.

I guess the reson for this blog is to find out if other people have had really bad anxiety through this type of scenario, and how you have been able to manage and make changes.

Many thanks for reading and hope to hear back from you readers.

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