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Getting there!!!

I have had, like everyone who has these anxiety atacks, the worst few weeks which I think was brought on by the divorce and mediation I am going through and the recent death of my daughter in law, oh and then my boyfriend who I had been in a relationship for 12 months decided he didnt want to see me anymore. I am slowly learning to identify what the triggers are, also I am on beta blockers. I never realised just how this has affected my whole life and work which is a catch 22 because if I dont go to work I dont get paid which then exacerbates the anxiety as I know I have to go to work (hope that makes sense),

I am learning to take each day as it comes and feel good when I achieve something, taking small steps but also being honest with myself and my family have helped. I know there is no cure and that I have to manage it myself but having support is an important part of ensuring this doesnt consume my life.


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Hi, sounds like uve had it rough. Identifing wat triggers is a good start, it took me a while. We've all Luked for a cure, the only real way is not to fight it and try and carry on with every day things even thou its hard at times. The less we fight it, and except its there with us it eventually comes less and less. Gud luck to u and stay positive xxx


Hi. mardells. Oh boy!! Catch 22 is right, and it does make a lot if sense. We worry if we don't worry. Then we worry because we ARE worried. It really is a vicious circle. As donaf says, the only way is to accept for the present how you feel and go with it there. Finding 'triggers' is fine, because it can prevent us going over the same ground again. But the real secret lies in total ACCEPTANCE. Fighting is self destructive and it uses a lot of energy; I am sure you will agree that you have not got a lot of that, have you? Also you have been through real traumatic experiences and it will certainly take time to recover. If we already suffer from anxiety it makes it more difficult. But you WILL recover although you may not believe this at the moment. Encapsulated in your last paragraph are the secrets of recovery. You have said it all! Love and best wishes. jonathan.


Hi Jonathan, thanks for your reply its good to know that there is support like this, sandra x


Wish I was qualified to give advise, I am finding it a great help that there are people here that understand and dont judge. All I can say is try to stay strong & just live in today. I try not to think about tomorrow, & I cant change yesterday

Best Wishes


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