Hormone problem?

Does anyone else think that their anxiety is linked to hormone/chemical problem? I get nervous all the time and I'm starting to think that the anxiety is triggered by a problem within me rather than an external factor. I get anxious about everything, and I'm starting to wonder whether the anxiety happens first then I attach the feeling to a problem. Rather than the problem causing the anxiety - if you follow.. Does anyone else feel like this or has noticed something similar? I keep thinking I should go to my doctor again....what do you think?


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4 Replies

  • i suffer anxiety and panic attacks and have underactive thyroid and my doctor thinks the two are linked see your doctor and get thyroid blood test done see about getting some cbt therapy as well

  • i have been diagnosed with coeliac disease and iv finally got my answer to my anxiety which is like living in hell battling it

  • i had the menapause about 9 months ago and all my syptoms started then my doctor said thats what it was went on hrt said i would start feeling better within a month but i started having panic attacks and insomina having a panic attack now seem to be getting lthem alot more at night witch makes them feel worse taking sleeping pills but they dont work when your having a panic attack i feel like ive got the shakes inside and mouth is all dry

  • Hmm. I am so convinced my anxiety has nothing to do with my thoughts But rather hormones or chemicals (adrenaline) going haywire and sending wrong signals and wrong times. I also noticed I am extremely sensitive to caffeine.. As in, I cannot have a cup of tea or two hours after I have an adrenaline rush/panic attack. Have you ever figured this out?

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