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can anxiety be caused by hormones?

i have struggled with anxiety on and off for about 15 years, my thoughts always seem to be conected with death:( i only seem to get it later in the year and it lasts for a couple of months. M y doctor discovered about a year ago that i had very high eastrogen, and shut my ovaries down to lower it. it worked and i felt a lot better. just had them shut down again and my eastrogen was low at the time and now have the anxiety back again with a vengence. has anybody else ever suffered simular problems?

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Hi I have been wondering that for a while when I have my period my anxiety is worse but also I am 49 and wonder wether I'm beginning the menopause. Because my anxiety has been bad for nearly a year and I've had a few other symptoms so makes me think


Well I am beginning to wonder to as my eastrogen

Goes up and down all the time, am now beginning to wonder

If it is low when I get anxiety! Thanks for getting back to me x x


Hi kaykay. Being a man I cannot comment on the monopause! but it seems to me that you may be suffering from the problem that occurs with some people called SAD. I think it means Seasonal Anxiety Disorder. It is because we don't get enough vitamin D. during winter months due to lack of sunlight. This can cause depression.(We should have it all the year round in this country by that measure!!). There are firms that sell lamps that are said to help this problem on a sale or return basis; that is if they do not help. Might be worth a try. Best wishes. jonathan.


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