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Books, Books, Books

Hi fellow braves. Having gone through years of suffering on and off I finally discovered books by Dr. Claire Weekes, which have helped enormously. But the real question I wish to put is, do all these books help? (Not Dr. Weekes books which do, although that is a personal opinion).There has been a proliferation of self help books over the past ten years and I have found that everytime a so called "good" one comes out I fall for it. I realised recently that I am still looking for a "magic" cure that someone has, perhaps, discovered. There aint no such thing!! When I read Dr. Weekes some years ago I felt that this was not much of a treatment; this is not for me, because it seemed so simple. But it certainly is not! I have also realised (and this advice was given to me years ago. Why don't we listen?), that we must, having found something that suits us, stick to it and do not get carried away by other advice from books or other sources. I know those who suffer as we do who have shelves of "self help" books but are no better. One can get really tied up with different approaches to our problems to such an extent that we get confused and give up. Not good! I recently bought one that was heralded as a "breakthrough" in self help, but it was simply a rehash of all the old stuff put together in a different form. Very superficial and of no use to the "real" sufferer, although of possible help to those with mild anxiety. It talked about how to act in the working environment. Most "real" suffers I know cannot even go to work, let alone act in it! Your views on this would be interesting. I am not suggesting you throw the baby out with bathwater. Some may have found certain books very helpful, and good luck to them. But I am generalising here. A lot of so called authors are out to make a quick killing as they know that there is a lot of suffering out there and people are looking for relief. Your views would be appreciated. jonathan.

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It's a money thing like everything else if I'm taught one more breathing exercise I'm going to scream or be told to go to a safe place in my mind or a happy place!!! Some days I have to laugh at myself if I'm really upset with someone that doesn't understand I wish they would have this for one day then maybe they would understand but of course I pray for forgiveness because I wouldn't wish this on anyone!!!


Hi mimisings. YES. "Snap out of it, pull yourself together, pull your socks up, don't let IT (they never say what) get the better of you, breathe deeply, visualise a quiet meadow, do some guided meditation, take this that or the other". Boy! Have I heard them all, and unfortunately from people who are supposed to understand! If you look at the self help adverts you find a lot of "quick fixes" (usually at around a £100 for the weekend course) to change your life. Were it so easy! I went to some and they do not know what they are talking about. So I gave up on that, as with most of the do-it-yourself books. I come back every time to dear Dr. Weekes. What an insight that women had. Pleased to hear you can laugh at yourself. I often do. Look after yourself; there are'nt many of us left!!! jonathan.


Hi jonathon About books some can help they may show you the other side of the fence because fear of the unknown to new sufferers is part of the problem the what's happening to me thing to read other people's experiences can sometimes help to know you not treading a path that no ones been down before we've all got the basic anxiety but some have twists that others don't I like to know where I am where in the anxiety I am to cut down uncertainty s in my life so I read about it occasionally not everyday and price of book or course is no guarantee of success but if you think it may help its worth a try I hope we all find a way to move on best to you all. Mel


I find that I absorb a little or a lot from different books or tv shows. there isn't a "one size fits all" approach. sometimes, something I dismissed makes sense at another time.

I do have a quiet place that gets me through, but appreciate it's not for everyone.

I like dr phil mgraw's approach to many things - especially his 10 minute tasks.

Books will always be a rehash of others' work as there's no "new" miracle treatment - however, like a good cake recipe, a good blending of old and new ideas can bring good results.




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