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managing the monster

I have anxiety and sometimes I suffer from it. I am also intelligent and capable but when my stomach churning at 3 am keeps me awake I feel anything but! I feel that if anything goes "wrong" then it's all my fault. For example, I'm frightened that I will hurt my baby when I'm changing him. I'm frightened that I will lose my job if I make a mistake.I have had CBT and it's been an enormous help because I can recognise that the examples I have described are just thoughts based in "extreme thinking", i.e. worst case scenarios somewhat divorced from reality. Can anyone else identify with this?

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hi i`ve been havingg c.b.t. with the psycholigist i have my last session at the beginning of next month. i got a book out the library called cognitive behavioural therapy for dummies, i found it very useful, so ive bought it off amazon. its not all serious which i like about it, you dont get bogged down with facts & you can dip in & out of it. if you`re finding c.b.t. is helping go get this book ouy of your local library see what you think. hope this helps you.xx


I totally agree with this. I have anxiety and also am, I think, quite smart and capable most of the time. It is only when this comes on that I feel lost and alone and unsure of myself. I bought a book my CBT therapist recommended - self esteem by Melanie Fennell, although did not relate to it. The best book I can relate to is called "evolving self confidence" by Terry Dixon got from Amazon, so amazing, explains anxiety disorders in laymens terms. I dip in and out of this when I am having crisis of confidence and feeling shaky

So yes, this is common for anxiety sufferers. Hope this helps

Emma - aka - Wildmage


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