Palpitations ???

Hi everyone, I just wondered if any of you has palpitations? I have them constantly and they are much worse at night or after I have eaten. I take 3x40mg of propranolol everyday and was told 34 years ago " you will never have a heart attack while you take those" by my THEN GP. If I am getting an illness I get a lot as well. Just wondered what you thought x


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  • Hi ella, yes some people in here suffer from palps, me between them and scares me a lot. although i am not sure if it is palps or flutters these days.

    i used to have them a lot, after i changed my diet it did stop for a while and back again in a diff way, it seems now like my heart skips a beat or someone is squeezing it from inside, just for a 2 seconds or so, no specific time for it, sometimes before or after going to toilet, sometimes just when i am walking, no pain with it, is just sometimes it leaves me with short breath or sometimes feel tired after that.

    like now i was walking and thinking ahh good i didn;t have any of that feeling today, 5 mins after that i had one, like just my heart was beating in my throat!!!

    it does scares me a lot, it does happen sometimes when i swallow too much air, like deep breath!!!

    i don't take anything, i don't smoke or drink alcohol at all, don't eat fried food and my diet is healthy now. i am normal weight, i have done ECG few times, stress test and heart echo all came back normal. so i put it down to anxiety now :( it does make me sad though!!!

    what about u? how come you still have them even after taking meds for them?


  • Hello I just thought I'd give you a bit of info I found out because I get like a couple of what feel like strong palps I mentioned it to my heart consultant he looked at me as though the question was beneath him then I mentioned it to my gp he said it was nothing to worry about but I worried about it because I thought my heart kept going out of sync so I went on dr google and got an answer it's something called an ectopic heartbeat or I think its PVC post ventricular contraction which feels like your heart either misses or takes an extra strong beat and everything I read about it said they were harmless hope this helps all the best....Mel

  • thx Mel, appreciate your reply. i had the most awful symptoms with anxiety but when something related to heart is just scares me a lot, google is my doctor as well, but when i check something these days i get some panic attacks, so i just left it, i only now check things about healthy food and recipes on youtube which is fun for me.

    the other day i read some post saying that pals can give a stroke so you can imagine how did i feel after that, i am like i am healthy enough and i don't think i will have a stroke and in my early thirties, then i am like oh no maybe i will have one, loads of healthy people die from heart or something!!!!! just scares me and if i tell someone they just node their heads, no one understand unless people who have same things!!


  • I know we always fear the worst I've had it for years thinking this is it I'm going this time but I havnt but then you spend times worrying when it's going to happen again all I hope is people get help from a dr or a friend or reassurance from knowing that what you think people think your imagining other people are sadly going through the same thing and some are finding the answers to it and you might be next to find it ....heres hoping Mel

  • Hello I'm new to this site and what I posted is information to help I should always say have a word with your gp if your not sure just to reassure yourself il only say that I've had these for yrs and had no problems apart from them being scary and annoying good luck ......Mel

  • Hi Rouri

    I am new to the site but I looked up comments on palpitations/flutters because I have been having them for nearly three years now and your comment could have been me. They scare me crazy. Had heart trace etc. 2 years ago all clear but having another one this week as they haven`t reduced in fact would say worse. Terrible anxiety, which is more likely the reason, for the last year and I am not getting anywhere dealing with it myself so I thought I would have a look on here for help and advice. Anxiety, mood, palpitations all worsen as I get more into menopause - 3 years now and counting. When will it end ?

  • Hi,

    Yes I get these when I get a severe panic attack, I have learned to accept them and just try to calm down. Must be hard to have them all the time though, your doing very well to cope : )

  • Thank you for your answers, they are strange things aren't they? and they do come out of the blue like the rest of the s..t that happens. It's like " Oooo I wonder what's gonna get thrown at me today when I'm least expecting it!" Mind you it's a good job we don't know. I try to ignore them and succeed most of the time. I just don't think I can face another GP's investigation. The Propranolol must have lost it's power as they don't seem to do anything..unless they would be a lot worse without them. I think by now I am immune to medication as mine would sedate a horse normally!. Thanks again for your kind words xxxx

  • hi ella, yup very strange they just come from nowhere, even when you are normal or just sitting or walking very weird. i am the same like what is going to hit me today and if i don't get them i am like Oh Great then 5 mins afterwards i get one!!! i would say we are oversensitve and the heart expressed it this way!!! just scares me a lot as it comes when i am not expecting it. your body probably got used to these stuff, that is why i hate taking meds!!

    big hug xx

  • Hi ellabella. I have blogged you before but on the subject of palpitations I thought I would comment. Provided you have been told by your doctor that it is "just nerves" then try to ignore them. Not easy, I know. I have had them for some forty years and am told my heart is sound.

    It is during the night that they are so frightening. It is said that if we could see how strong the heart musles are we would not worry. My Grandmother was 101 when she died and had bouts of palpitations most of her life. She also brought up 8 children. So not to worry!

  • that is a relief, but they scares me a lot, maybe that is why i feel drained after i get them!! i did ECG tests, one was for 24hrs, stress test and heart echo and they came back normal!! still in my mind maybe i should redo the tests, i probably changed now and or maybe the tests were not conclusive and they missed something!!! my mind is thinking of this over and over again!!!

    thx for the info, hope u well

  • rouri. All the time you are afraid of them they will come. You have to accept them as part of your present problem and try not to be so disturbed by them (very difficult). If your tests have come back OK then YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. Accept them for the time being. They do pass. It is very very unlikely that the tests have "missed something". We all feel this way in our condition but in my experience the medical people are pretty careful when it comes to possible heart problems. Keep your pecker up. Good luck.

  • Thanks Jonathon! looks like they are sent to try us and they do : ) Thank you all for your reassurance, I needed it xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • I had heart palpitations for a brief time about a month, but my anxieties where high and i was very stressed & it eventually pasted as i calmed down but i found meditation very helpful. Theres videos on youtube, or if you have an iphone or android they have free apps. Its really worth a try! i know its not nice and its really worrying which can just make it worse. anyway good luck and i hope they go soon take care

  • I DISCOVERED A HEART CONDITION - I am re-posting this under 'Palpitations' because I have had positive feedback about my statement being helpful to others.

    Fortunately I was in the early weeks of discovery that I had a heart condition where I was having palpitations. Not because of the running but the running helped me to confirm that I had a long term problem. I really tried to complete the 1st week of C25k program and noticed I was too out of breath. I am a gentle cyclist so I really noticed that the exertion of the first week was too much. Following a check up and an ECG my doctor /now hospital has confirmed the problem and lined me up for an ablation procedure. A flexible wand will be inserted in a vein and a nerve attached /alongside my natural 'pacemaker' on my heart will be frozen dead to stop the erratic heart beating that has caused me to be out of breath. It is a common procedure. Apparently it is the same procedure that Tony Blair had done recently. So this C25k program is a bit of a life saver. I will be given a 5-6 week course of Warfarin /anticoagulant before they can zap the problem. I will start the treatment and have the zap when I get back from holiday. There is a 90% cure guarantee apparently. I will repost in Feb /Mar to let you know how I get on. If no posting in April /May.... well, it didn't work! LOL.

  • I am 26 with anxiety and I have palpitations on the regular. I have had a ECG EKG Stress Test and a 30 day monitor. It all came out fine. Even with that assessment I still can't help but worry myself to death about it. It all started when my father passed away suddenly. Since then I've had palpitations.

    My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer this year stage 2 and she had it taken out with radiation for 6 weeks. Everything looks good for her but I still worry so much for her and for myself.

    I feel like Im way to young to be worrying about all of this but I don't want to let my guard down and have something sneak up on me.

    I am sending good vibes to y'all and y'all can send them back towards me. Hope your palpitations are benign.

  • Hi sweetestsarah08, I am so sorry about the passing of your father and can understand how that suddenness brought on your palpitations. Now with your mother being diagnosed with breast cancer it puts additional strain on you. You are too young to be worrying everyday that something may happen.

    I accept your good vibes and am sending good vibes back to you. Thanks Sarah and stay strong. x

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