Would you like to speak to the press about your anxiety?

Would you like to speak to the press about your anxiety?

Anxiety UK is the nation's leading anxiety disorders charity. As such, we receive a number of enquiries from journalists who are interested in speaking to people affected by anxiety.

if you are interested in speaking to the press, please email Terri on media@anxietyuk.org.uk. Your details will only be passed on to a journalist if you agree to take part in a media opportunity.



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  • i think it is a must to talk to the press, i don't i ever seen soemone talking about anxiety like the kind we suffer from, if it is not about clothes or shoes then it is not important which is sad. if it is not visisble to poeple because we hide our symptoms from others in order not to be asked what is the problem and be treated normally. but we suffer a lot, sometimes it is every day struggle and then depression kicks in because of stress.

    i don't mind talking to them and i am sure some people in here would as well just to make others aware of this monster called anxiety.

    waht do you think my friends i here??

  • I believe in speaking to anyone who will listen with hopefully a sympathetic ear and a little compassion, and willing to try to understand a little of the hell that most of us go through living with anxiety. It is important that the motives behind this are clear! It is not enough to create a "30 second whirlwind" which gives a temporary boost to someones circulation numbers, rather than a genuine concerted effort to permanently raise awareness of this immense problem being inflicted upon a huge section of our society. Done the right way, for the right reasons and anticipated outcomes, I am 100%+ all for it !!

  • I think it is good to raise awareness . I suppose as many people live with anxiety in secret the thought of media or exposure may be a frightening prospect. However if dealt with correctly and sensitively this is a great opportunity for a person to share what they are going through, reducing their mental isolation and helping others. I will make enquiries myself about how this is dealt with and hope others feel strong enough to do the same.

  • Anyone wishing to put themselves forward, please email media@anxietyuk.org.uk.

  • i did but received no reply.

  • this is great, hope it makes a difference

  • I would be happy to talk to anyone about this, everyone should know all about it and help us find more of compassion and understanding to our own personal lives. Its hell and back and everyone should know this. There is no cure at present but somewhere there has to be a better solution to help us deal with it.

    Yes media would be a good place to talk about this. Nice to know someone wants to listen, not sure for what agenda but if its all published who cares what the agenda behind it is. Lets all take part.

  • i have 18 years 'experience', and have emailed the above address. Anxiety and mental health awareness , is still way behind where it should be....which then takes a while to get through to gp s. Have to start somewhere so i offer myself. peace to all my fellow sufferers.

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