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Doc suggests no pills, but (non-existent) therapy

And I'm SO exhausted. I knew pills weren't right for me and once I'd been through the long list of ones I've tried over the last decade and a bit the GP said it's probably not worth trying new ones. She also felt the fact my mood is fairly ok and my problems are simply the physical exhaustion of fighting against ever-present tension suggests the pills aren't really the answer but therapy is.

Problem is, I've been on the waiting list for two years. Doc says that isn't right, I should only have to wait six months apparently. Phoned therapists up and it turns out that because I've moved two miles down the road since being referred I'm now in the wrong catchment area so I'm not even allowed to be on the waiting list I'm on! They're going to phone me later to sort it out.

It's so frustrating. I feel knackered today and I can barely eat because when I get this exhausted I get bad nausea too. They always go together for me. And I have to go to work tomorrow in another city (so really long days commuting). I really hate trying to work through a blur of exhaustion and nausea but I have tried everything to get more energy and nothing is working. I wish I could just give up and stay in bed until I feel well again but I can't do that either. I just want help now and faster. I think the GP is right that pills aren't right for me and she felt that I could do really well if I just got some therapy, but it's so long to keep waiting and waiting and waiting all the while I'm getting more and more exhausted. I don't have a steady enough income to risk taking on private therapy either, even when its subsidised, because I can't work more than part-time. I'm too tired to do full-time nowadays.

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Hi there,

One of the most common complaints I hear from my clients about NHS therapies is the length of time it takes to get to the top of the list. In my area it seems to take anywhere from 12-18 months.

I volunteer with Anxiety UK and it may be they have a therapist in your local area. Anxiety UK rates are means tested so it may be cheaper than going to a private therapist. That said, there are some therapist that will offer means tested rates (I do), but unfortunately that is not the norm.

Give Anxiety UK a call and see if they have a therapist in your area, if they don't try Counselling Directory, or see if there are any local support groups.

Good luck



Thanks, I have considered that, but even subsidised therapy seems to be around £15 a pop and if I wanted it weekly (which I'd prefer) then that's £60 a month. Bit much for me. I'm a freelancer and I can't really spend money that I might not have next month if you see what I mean, it's too much of a commitment.

I have found a charity that offer it at £5 a session which sounds more affordable and much less of a financial risk to me, so I'm on a waiting list there too. :)


I think the lowest rate. off the top of my head, is £10 per hour, although the phone therapy is a little cheaper.

I had to limit where I deliver my therpay due to a change in room hire rates. I used to deliver in Glasgow, but the room hire rates increased and that coupled with the cost to travel to Glasgow and parking meant it was costing me an average of around £5 oer hour to deliver the sessions. Thankfully I am able to deliver in my home town thanks to the help of a local charity and this has meant I have been able to offer my own services on a means tested basis.

I wish you luck with the charity and hope you don't have to wait too long.

In the meantime make good use of this site and check out any helplines that are out there. I'm in Scotland and I know of organisations like Breathing Space, but not sure if the service they offer is nationwide. Sometimes just taking the time to talk can make all the difference.

Take care




I recognise that therapy isn't free and the subsidised rates are really very good. I used to work somewhere we sold private therapy and I know how expensive the going rates are without the subsidy. I wish I was able to pay more towards it but I think it's mostly fear with me. I get very anxious spending money because I always think I never know what's round the corner! But this is a good use of money really. I'll have to do some research and look into it. If I write out a budget for myself and get to grips with every cost involved I'm sure it will scare me less!

Thank you for your support and advice.


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