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Fear of flying

Hi Everyone.

Well I took another step towards fighting my anxiety today. I called the doctors as I have developed an irrational fear of anything involving any kind of risk. Whilst in most cases my way of dealing with this is to put myself in the scenario I am dreading and realising that everything is actually OK, I am stopping at one thing...getting on a plane. I have days where I feel really strong and think getting on a plane will be easy, but when my mind wanders in the evening the thought of it makes me feel sick. My partner and I would like to go snowboarding in Bulgaria over New years Eve with friends, something we have talked about doing for a few years now, but I am crippled by the fear of flying after experiencing bad turbulence on a flight last year.

Has anybody had a fear of flying that they have since conquered? I run through the facts in my head all of the time about how strong the planes are and that they can withstand turbulence that we would never even encounter, but in my head our plane is marked, and something bad is going to happen. No facts and figures can change that. If I got on the plane and it was smooth sailing I'd be fine, but any bump and I know I would think we were going to die as extreme as that sounds!

This irrational fear has boiled over into everything. we're going to Scotland in a few weeks time, and with the recent bad weather here in Newcastle and around the Scotland area, I'm convinced we're going to be hit by something similar and something bad is going to happen, but because I am so familiar with the place I am just going to go and fight through it because I know when I get there and everything is fine it will dissapear, and I'll have conquered it.

Does anybody else have these irrational fears? I know what I am thinking is stupid but it's cemented in my head. I know I have created these messages by constantly thinking the same thing and I need to break them slowly, I'm just not sure how to do that yet.


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HI MANDY speak to your doctor tell him the situation he will give you something for the flight valium that will sedate you it will not put you to sleep but you will be totally relaxed x


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