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i`ve had a good half day today. was`nt so good this morning,. hubby took me out this afternoon just to the local shops & for a walk in the park. feeling better for it, so glad i didnt give in & stay indoors. i have agoraphobia because of the panics. so i gave myself a pat on the back. there`s always somebody worse than yourself. though you dont always see it when you`re feeling low yourself. stay positive everyone & enjoy your

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well done Janice. I bet you felt so good afterwards ! have a great weekend yourself x


HI JANICE well done for going out and about i too feel better when i go out do it again tomorrow x let us know how your weekend turns out we are all with you x


thank you. saturday i went to the supermarket with my hubby,then we went & had a cream tea at a tea room not to far from where i live but felt so good we sat outside, i enjoyed the fresh air i felt great.x


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