hi everyone

had the worst most horriblest thing today that made me feel dreadful, i got out the shower and started to walk down the stairs and all of a sudden i come over blind, i couldnt focus at all and had this horrible wave come over my vision, i had to sit down and when i closed my eyes i could still see the wavey lines inside my eyeballs it lasted for nearly 20 mins (and as an anxiety suffer for over 15 years i can say that ive never experienced this before ), i was so paniced by it that i took myself stright to the doctors who then explained that i had a optical migraine and it wasnt a vision thing its a occurence in your brain and apparently quite common, dont know if this happen again but im hoping not ,, has anybody had this before???, really hasnt helped with my already unstable anxiety xxxxxxxxxxxx

wendy xxxx


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  • I've had them for over 30 years. Sometimes one a month and then nothing for five years. The trigger could be a million things or a combination of things from stress to eye strain to what you had for tea last night. I've never worked out what triggers mine.

    I get strange twinkling and blots of lost vision that suddenly comes on then gradually fades away.

    Don't worry about it. My Granny had them (where I inherited it from I guess) and I have a number of friends who also get them.

    I actually had one last week whilst working on this very PC I'm using now. I hadn't had one for about two years prior to that.

  • Hi Wendy, I have this and when it first happened many years ago the Dr sent me to the eye hospital and after a thorough examination they said that it was a migraine. I found this hard to accept at first as I kept saying that I did not have a headache! I now have the coloured wavy lines (not the blindness) from time to time when I am very anxious or when I have looked at a bright light like the reflection of the sun on something. I find if I sit quietly with my eyes closed for 15/20 mins it gradually disappears. I have had it at work and my boss says he gets it and he does not suffer with anxiety!!. I had my eyes tested recently and mentioned it to the optician who said exactly the same as your doctor. I know it is very frightening when it happens but I hope this reassures you a bit. xx

  • The first one I got I told my mum about, which was way back around 1975 when I was 17, and she just said my granny got them, it was a migraine and forget about it.

    Nothing to worry about and you'd be amazed how many people get them.

  • thanks everyone ,,, such a relief to know im not alone ,,, frightened the s*it out of me ,, aint come back so im hoping thats the end for now xxx been contenplating taking my new tables that docs have given me so maybe that has caused me the extra stress and worry xxx

  • Hi there, please don't worry too much, I occasionally have optical migraines, I also have occasional full migraines. Although it's very unpleasant it's not harmful. I take migraines as a sign that I need to slow down, take some time out and look after myself.

    If you get one again, look for triggers:



    poor posture/back problems

    red wine


    are some of the most frequent ones...

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