How to conquer low self esteem?'

I have suffered with m.e. for 8 years and being bed bound and housebound has lead to my self esteem plummeting. I have panic attacks whenever I'm asked about myself and despite councilling, CBT, a wealth of antidepressants and other tablets, nothing has helped. I have given my all in the therapy sessions I've had but I don't understand where I'm going wrong. Is there anything anyone could reccomend trying? I feel like I've exhausted all options and that there is no hope in getting better :( thank you in advance.


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  • i really feel for you as i can relate to alot of it. have you tried hypnotherapy?

  • Self esteem is feelings and evaluations about yourself and how you think others evaluate you. Low self esteem is caused by negative and judgemental thoughts about yourself due unreasonable expectations. You need to allow for flexibility in your expectations of yourself, no one can get things right every time.

    Try to think of things you like about yourself even small things that you can be proud of and use them as a base to explore the negative thoughts about yourself and question why you came to feel that way to help you change these negative aspect

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