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Any help exhaustion

I am mentally and physically exhausted all the time. I have no energy to get dressed or do the housework. I am too tired most of the time do stay awake. I suffer with Borderline Personality Disorder as well,but that is under control. Please, does anyone have any tips or advise for me. It would be much appreciated. Does anyone else feel like this?

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have you tried vit b 6 and a really good multi vit also are you eating also drink plenty of water i feel the same but i push myself it is easier said than done i know are you on meds x


I am on 100mg daily of sertraline for my bpd. I dont have regular meals as im never hungry but i drink loads and loads of tea. I drink about 30/40 cups a day


Hi I can relate to this as well..... Have you tried 1000 mg of fish oils... Also tea and coffee I found did nothing for me and have now changed to herbal drinks only and try as hard as it to even walk to the end of the road..... Just so I acheive a small goal... Have you had a blood test to rule out anemenia hun?? xx


No I have not ha a blood test. Thank you for the advice I think it is something I will definitely give a go. A walk to the end of the road is a huge job for me as I have agoraphobia. As for the tea a switch can only be good and healthy. x


I've been feeling like this on and off for five years, it's still really bad some days and I still occasionally have to take time off work until I have the energy, but its a lot better than it was a few years ago. Don't worry, there's hope! Unfortunately, the answer for me turned out to be probably the last thing you feel like doing right now: exercise! I'm not talking running or cycling or going to the gym - you'll never be able to persuade yourself into that anyway if you're feeling exhausted! - but a longish walk. Don't worry about being brisk, take your time, but keep going for half an hour at the very least.

See if it helps, it does me wonders. It's really strange, I start off feeling like I can barely move my feet but as I get into the swing of things energy just starts to appear from nowhere! I must say it takes about half an hour to get to that stage though.

Another thing I have found helpful is taking your mind off things for a while, preferably in a different environment (if this is possible for you?) Seeing friends at their house instead of yours, going out for a cup of coffee, or starting something fun and social (I did tap dance classes!)

It may seem pretty counterintuitive, but in my experience, mental exhaustion (and the feelings of physical exhaustion that come with it) is best tackled with activity.

I hope it works for you too!


Sorry, I've only just seen your message about agoraphobia - I guess my advice isn't too helpful! Good luck with it, I hope you feel better soon and the blood tests are ok.


I agree with the idea of getting a blood test to rule out other physical conditions

I would cut down the amount of tea and coffee you drink or switch to decaffinated

Drink plenty of water,have a banana a day and try and set some achievable targets. You say a walk to the end of the road is a huge job try just a trip outside see how you feel then increase the distance each day and again monitor your feelings and thoughts have a little reward each time you increase the distance.

Try some abdominal breathing three deep breaths helps control the anxiety that you are presenting with- the anxiety is presenting itself as exhaustion (stress and anxiety are bullies and always go for the thing you worry about) Obviously if the blood test does bring up something then at least there will be an answer

Hope this helps a little

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I suffer really badly from the same feeling but I've done things over time to help myself.

I definitely agree with a blood test. I was always very lethargic and would feel like I was falling asleep at my desk. When I had a blood test they found my iron levels were quite low so I was put on iron tablets. This helped.

Also, try and get your body into a routine with sleep. Maybe go to bed a little earlier. Wind down by reading or doing something that relaxes you and wake up at a realistic time. Your body should soon know what times you sleep and when you should be awake. I like to go to bed around 8.30 with a cup of hot milk (I know, slightly grannyish but I love it :) ) and read for half an hour. I always get up at 6 o clock every morning to walk our dog too.

I also hugely agree with Anxiety Volunteer, as stupid as it sounds, exercise helps massively. Your body will be used to doing nothing, but the chemicals that exercise sets off in your brain is strangely activating. It is such a push and is so hard to begin with but eventually you feel the benefits and your body starts to feel great. With having agoraphobia also, you can stick to exercising in the house or in your garden.

I felt terrible yesterday, like my feet were only just leaving the floor, but I'd signed up to yoga and knew I couldn't cancel. I managed 1.5 hours of this and actually felt great afterwards. I went from falling asleep to being wide awake.



I feel like this all the time;my body is tired and my head is tired! My little goal this week is to get up get dressed and get my son and daughter to school for 8.50,at the moment ive managed to do it but feel soooooo exhausted when i get back in.....ive been signed off work as i can barely managed at home at the moment. But i get the impression everyone thinks im just being lazy!


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