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Feeling silly!

So iv jus had to walk up to the pharmacy to put a prescription in, it's about a ten minute walk, iv jus got here, I am with my 18month old so not technically on my own but feel like I am, had to stop twice cos I was so out of breath but confused it with gasping for air cos I couldn't breath where I was anxious! I'm sweating, my heart is racing, I feel wobbly! It's so horrible!! Nothing Halle ed I got here in one piece but going through those horrible sensations and being unable to distract your mind from them is so hard!! I'm aware that my breathing has slowed down whilst I'm sitting here waiting but not looking forward to the walk home now!! x

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Hey dont feel silly .You know its anxiety and you did it .When you walk back just keep saying im fine everything is ok nothing is going to happen its going to be right x


Hi Sharon, how are you? Thank you ur reply, I did keep saying to myself its okay, nothing happened and you did it, it's jus so so difficult (I find) to just ride through the thoughts and physical feelings and know its going to be okay! Jus that incident this morning has left me feeling shattered! X I am going to try and just chill indoors now and accept that it happened but that I was okay!! X


Hi Paula,at least you went out you did well just remember that.Im doing fine battling everday but so far winning the battle and long may it continue.I just thought enough is enough I have to live my life not have anxiety live it for me .Dont get me wrong I still find it hard to go out the house still find it hard to find things to distract my mind but Im getting there.I just take each day as it comes at the moment.When I get the awful feeling of dread come over me I just breath and say in my head its anxiety had it before it will pass.


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