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And breath

Getting nervous as I do every Saturday when I have to go and do the food shopping! Had an incident about month ago and since then I get worked up before I go! I know it will be okay and I need to do it but from

Minute I wake up it starts, the churning tummy, feeling hot, short of breth and I haven't even done it yet! No wonder its so difficult to face things when you feel the anxiety before you've even started!! X

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Hey love try looking at the shopping as a positive at least you are getting out the house to do it thats a big step in itself.Nothing is going to happen to you just breath through it you will be fine hugs Sharon


Just remember that every week you succeed in doing it regardless.. This is positive :) Accept the sensations, let them wash over you knowing that they are not going to stop you!. and treat yourself to something special each time you accomplish it xx


Thank you for both for you messages :) I did manage it, although I don't do it alone as I was with my child but I still find it difficult!! Positive is that I did it though!! Do you find although you're chuffed when you achieve something that you're tired cos of how much energy you have put in to overcoming ur anxiety etc? X


Well done xxx.And yes I feel tired too when I have achieved something its all part if the anxiety.Onwards and upwards though keep saying to yourself well done I did well x


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