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Have tablets to take but scared to take them

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I’ve been given setraline but I feel anxious to take it, I’ve been off meds for two years and feel reluctant to take them. I’m anxious something is wrong with my heart even though most likely case is it’s anxiety telling me that and I can’t help feel scared but then these feelings aren’t going away so the tablets may help, or are they just masking the issue. Ugh fed up with my brain

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Hello :-)

When we suffer with anxiety we do overthink everything unlike those that do not suffer

What makes you feel there is something wrong with your heart ?

Have you spoken to your Doctor and if so and they have no concerns then it sounds like it will be anxiety

Sometimes we need help and medications are what we need , if we had any other illness we would take them and not question it as long as they made us better so why question taking anxiety meds , if they help you feel better than you do now that has to be a bonus :-) x

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JNM566 in reply to BeKind28

Its so difficult not to over think everything and just anxious of the side effects while they kick in, I hate feeling weird in any sort of way.

I had weird episodes of weakness down my left side about 2 months ago and I’ve been an anxious mess since then. I feel wonky most days and barely sleep, usually feelings of wooziness and my heart beating hard but not fast and also feeling like someone is sitting on my chest, feels like every day things are just harder than they used to be but I think I’m more hyper aware now than I was before, I got obsessed with looking at my Fitbit heart rate and my anxiety got pretty intense! Had to get my bf to hide the Fitbit .

Just can’t get the thought of something being wrong with my heart but my gp thinks it’s chronic anxiety and delayed grief as my best friend died in July. Anytime I feel anything other than normal it sets me into panick mode.

I know that’s true, just trying to accept it’s anxiety it’s hard and that’s it’s not anything more sinister.

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BeKind28 in reply to JNM566

I understand when something like this happens it can trigger these fears You could ask for a ecg to put your mind at rest if you can not settle or just put your faith in them

I have health anxiety so I know how difficult it is when something kicks us of

Maybe try those meds just tell yourself for today I will take one and it could take all this away like I say it would be worth it if it did :-) x

I was prescribed celexa (my work pays for the generic version). I took 1 and I was scared to and the reaction I had was intense. It was only a 10miligram but it was enough for me to hate it. I'm supposed to be starting back because I'm going to split them in half and I am just as scared so I totally feel you. I hear everybody say how great life is once the side effects go but what to do in the mean time? 🙄

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JNM566 in reply to Diana72

I hate when my body doesn’t feel like my body, I already get anxious at anything that doesn’t feel right so I totally get it. Maybe you could try a different one. I live in the uk so medication is free, I have had citalopram before and they worked best for me! I was in such a good place and then all of a sudden this chronic health anxiety came out of nowhere and physically has been so difficult, I never realised before how physical anxiety can be!

Hope you get on better this time with the tablets 💕 I think our brain can sometimes tell us something is wrong when in reality nothing harmful is happening. I hope I can bring myself to take them soon but I can’t get out my head that it’s something more sinister that’s wrong with me

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Diana72 in reply to JNM566

I am at the hospital getting my head checked so I understand. I can't shake that feeling. I am in Canada and our health care is not amazing. Waiting years to see a specialist and 0 mental health help in my city. It's crazy! Hopefully whatever you decide to do works out 🙏

Hi I suffer from something similar please ask your gp about vortioxetine it does really help with negative thoughts

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