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Hi has anyone else been sent a questionnaire about health unlocked just making sure it's not a spam before I do it lol thanks ☺

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yeah filled it in online got a voucher worth 7.50 or something but never claimed it.

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Sapgirl in reply to kenster1

Ah OK thanks was just checking it's not a scam lol

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kenster1 in reply to Sapgirl

yeah it`s legit but not worth claiming.

£7.-50 worth of toilet roll maybe put it away for a rainy day ,you never know what’s around the corner.


.kensters got too much money I think 😄

He should share it with ❄️

I filled one of them surveys in once took me ages too and at the end it said thanks but no thanks….bye ….I felt rejected 😀

🤣 oh no 🤣🤣


I didn't get one, must be my settings. Pretty sure I opted out of e-mails.

I noticed you fly under the radar

Yes, SS, this is true. Sometimes, when I am overwhelmed, I tend to disappear, only to regret it. Thankfully I was able to get back on here. 🙏🏻 Hey, I am on Chapter six of the audio book. Thanks for the recommendation. ❄️

You’re welcome I think she’s actually agora 1 …🤔 glad you’re liking it 👍

7.41 in our money that must be at least 50 sheets less.

I suspect you could be right about that. 😉

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