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Please make it stop


I am new to this level of anxiety. It has completely debilitated me. I need help but can't afford anything, even with insurance. On the surface, it looks irrational but I can't control it no matter what I do. I meditate, breath, exercise and try to take care of myself. I have new medications that appear to be making things worse.

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Can you talk to your doctor/psychiatrist about your medications and maybe try something different? How long have you been on the meds? Are you on anxiety meds?

I’m so sorry you are suffering so much. ((((((Hug))))))) I was once at a point for years where it was so bad that I could barely breathe and it was just hell all the time. It really does get better though m. Hang onto any hope you can. You can do this.

I’m here listening. And I will never judge you.

YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Thank you for being an online angel! I'm on my 2nd round of 'different' medications and all I seem to be doing is spending money with no relief. I think I need to change Dr's and get a good therapist to help.

Awww 🥰 you are beautiful. Yes what you are planning out sounds perfect. Wow I’m thinking of all the meds I’ve tried. Definitely keep trying.

You know I’m seeing a therapist and psychiatrist as a team which is a community service for free where I live in the U S. I wonder if you could find similar.

Where do u live i m in indiana and i m worried about being bipolar no one ever told me that before i just had panic attacks

I live in VA I forget how I found out about it but I bet there’s something out there for you... go to a social or family services or government center and ask about help with therapists or social workers ... who then can lead you to psychiatrists as well... I have bipolar disorder and I’m on meds. Why do you think you have bipolar? Have you already had an evaluation or you see the signs?

My dr thinks the meds will help the panic what do u take

I’m on a lot: Zyprexa Lithium Buspar Paxil Tomopax Remeron

What meds does he suggest for panic?

I dont know she wad going to givr me meds for bipolar to help with panic

Respordil i think i can t take too much have a fib

your not alone. Going through the same, can hardly function.

Lessthanone in reply to MFM008

Whats wrong i can t see too well tonight

Lessthanone in reply to MFM008

Taking klonopin that doesnt work and going nuts

Lessthanone in reply to MFM008

I am ready for any help i can get

Hi; well you are at the right place, there are a lot of helpful people here. I am like you, I suffer with anxiety and it seems since the beginning of the year; it has just went over board. Like you I try breathing exercises, exercising, meditation and yes sometimes it feels as if nothing works but then that glimmer of hope, when you can actually breathe normal and you dont have the rushed feeling,.Keep trying; its worth it, to feel the calm. Im with you and hope you have a better second that becomes a minute; that becomes an hour, that becomes a day.

needhelp2z in reply to marsbarr

Thank you dearly

Lessthanone in reply to marsbarr

I hope so ready for the looney bin i can t take onr more pankc attack today

I really cant see the darn keyboard

Lessthanone in reply to marsbarr

Help help

Just Breathe

Hi, I haven’t seen other posts but have you had thyroid and B12 levels checked?I suffered for years and it totally took over my life but turned out to be deficiencies I discovered decades later!! X

needhelp2z in reply to Katepots

Thank you! I'll check that out!

Lessthanone in reply to Katepots

Both are messed up

Lessthanone in reply to Katepots

I have thyroid probs and b12 def

WhT new meds

I can t see to to type very well

So sorry to be this late in replying to your Post. Overwhelming anxiety (also depression), very old enemies of mine.

Klonopin helps me much more than the other benzo's I've tried. Prozac is the only antidepressant that works for me and I've tried quite a few.

I drink calming herbal teas ll day. Somewhat, but just a little helpful. I drink a cup of HOT milk before trying to sleep. Relaxing.

I'm extremely busy. This is good because I'm usually exhausted and multiple responsibilities (and projects I dream up) are distracting.

Hang in there!! I 'm here to listen.


needhelp2z in reply to sophie4

Thank You!

Of course!! Are you feeling at all better?

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