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Lymph nodes

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I’ve made myself very paranoid that I’ve got lymphoma . I’ve got two bean shaped lumps under the skin on my neck . I have recently got ill with a bad throat, runny nose etc (I’m assuming just a cold ) . I went to the doctors and the doctor said it’s just a throat infection. However I am paranoid as I have had these lumps in my neck for a while now. I’m not sure if they have always been there or not

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Swollen lymph nodes take a while to go down. I had mine for almost a month in a half after the infection until it went down. You'll be fine. Hope this helps

It’s okay breathe

If the doctor said said it’s an infection based on your symptoms it most likely is.

Try and distract yourself and get some rest :) you’ll be okay.

Thanks for your reply !!

Hi Annab124

I can recall having a very similar experience when I was around 17 years old. I am now 63 by the way. I had a cold and sore throat and noticed similar sized lumps in my neck afterwards which were painless and remained there for months I think. I was terrified it was Lymphoma. I was too afraid to tell anyone including my friends or parents and never went to the GP. I think they just went on their own eventually and I stayed well and did not get Lymphoma. You have done the right thing by going to the doctor. I would say they are very likely to be nothing and will go on their own but if they persist and you are worried go back to your GP again.

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