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Don’t feel right

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For the past year I just haven’t felt normal. A little under a year ago I had a panic attack at school and then I stopped feeling like myself. I’ve become depressed and anxious nearly all the time. I constantly check to see if I feel normal. I’ve been on a few antidepressants and recently started a new one. I’m worried something is wrong with me and I’ll never feel better.

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I relate too you. I went to see my dad in Tennessee in 2016 and had to come back early because of the anxiety starting. Its never gone away. Its a tough fight and I'm here if you need me

It's good that you're acknowledging this and accepting help! It will always get worse before it gets better which sucks. Have you tried talking about it to anyone? A school counsellor or even a teacher maybe? Therapy can really help in my experience.

Please don't put so much pressure on yourself. We all have struggles - emotionally and physically. Give yourself a break. Just take one day at a time and you will get through it. Keep working with your doctors and hopefully they will find the right treatments for you. Remember this is a marathon and not a sprint. Best of luck!

Everything you just said resonates with me. A year ago I started having bad panic attacks every day which led to depression. I became too self aware and started to analyze myself and how I was feeling almost every moment of the day. I still have bad days but it does get better over time.

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