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Fear of choking

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Hi everyone

I have been diagnosed with health anxiety I've had this for many years now it kinda waxs and weans in severity.

Roughly 2 years ago I had a very scary episode of not being able to take a breath out I could breath in but not out , I was told it was just a throat spasm and nothing to worry about .

Well after that experience i have developed a fear of chocking on food and liquids to the point that I'll avoid certain types of foods but here's the thing when I eat I always get food sticking in my throat and I need to drink water to wash it down .

I'm unsure weather my anxiety is causing food to get stuck or it's a actual medical problem

Has anyone else got a fear the same with chocking on food ?

Thanks 😊

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Hi Allison, When under undo stress more recently, I did experience what you described

as breathing in but not out to the point of panic. It was a throat spasm and being able

to stop and relax and breathe can stop that spasm almost immediately. It is a scary feeling and makes such a horrible sound in the back of the throat.

I never had the fear of eating or drinking because of that (I love food too much) I will

say that it is always a good idea to sip some water or ginger ale while eating. That will

help moisten the food and allow it to slide down more easily.

Eating more slowly in a relaxed state will help you.

It is always best to check with your doctor. There is a simple test the doctors can do

to relieve your concerns about it being a medical issue. Trust in your doctor's diagnosis

He knows your health history both physically and mentally. xx

I used to have this as a kid. I was only young, from about 7-10 probably, after I choked on food and couldn't breathe. It used to take me the whole lunch hour in school just to eat a sandwich because I'd be terrified of choking and my throat would close up. The fear eventually went but since my anxiety and health anxiety have gotten a lot worse in the past couple of months it's come back although not as bad, i did go through a period of not wanting to be along in my house though. I have the feeling of food getting stuck and having to wash it down too but I'm not sure whether it is actually stuck or just my brain telling me it is and having the feeling. So I know exactly how you feel! Hang in there and try and relax your muscles to see if that helps.

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