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Shaking/trembling when waking up?

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The past 2 nights when I’ve woken up in the middle of the night I’ve had this horrible trembling feeling from my waist up. It makes its way up over my head and then it’s gone within a minute, Just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced anything like this and if it’s just another anxiety symptom I’ll have to learn to deal with?

Thankyou xx

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Hi Ashleigh9. Yes I get trembling. I've had head tremors for years and had test to make sure there was nothing neurological was going on. Everything was fine. Some mornings it can be just like you discribed, from my head down to my waist. I do breathing exercises. Breath in for 7 counts through your nose and out for 11 counts through your mouth, hopefully that will help you relax.

Yes I have been getting this every night for 3 1/2 months now. Have gotten used to it for the most part but had anxious thoughts about it again last night after one episode seemed to last longer than usual. Mine are localized to my head now but when it first started it happened all over my body and at times, only ONE leg or arm! Goes away in about 20 seconds or so. A neurologist diagnosed me as "maybe" having essential tremors based on my daytime shakiness but my night tremors were something he had never heard of 🙄. I'm chalking it up to anxiety and am trying to accept it for now. One thing I did notice is that when I'm woken up by something external (noise) I don't shake, which leads me to believe that something is brewing that CAUSES me to wake up and shake, like maybe cortisol release or adrenaline release or something. Since this started I've been waking up alot more at night. I'll start a thread once they've resolved to keep you updated.BTW my head MRI was normal and all my tests were normal. Am seeing a therapist for CBT and my anxiety levels in the last 5-6 weeks have significantly improved. Do you have any other symptoms of anxiety? Do you shake every single time you wake up?

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