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So anxious and annoyed

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Hi, i have been suffering with anxiety since 2010. I got better over the time and I have to mention Dr Claire Weeks whose books are the biggest help for me. I can say with her approach a feel mostly very good. But recently I noticed when I am sitting I feel kind of pressure under my left ribcage. After about a week I also started to experience spasms on my left side which is not painful but sooooo uncomfortable. I went to doctor and he did some exams and made appointment for me to have USG done. Now I have to wait and I feel I am becoming anxious again, waking up anxious exactly like before is hard to keep the approach that it is just anxiety if I know there is something medically happening. Do any of you have real medical problems and fighting with anxiety?

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Dear Chilout. Oh yes. I have a lot of bodily health concerns, and it is a real double whammy, because your anxiety has such a great effect on your body also. Hope you get a good result from your tests. Warm wishes.

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Thanks for your reply. It is normal people feel anxious about their health but in our case anxiety brings lot of physical symptoms along and it makes us feel even worse. Until I had my tests done I will have to bear this terrible anxiety and survive somehow 😓

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