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Had a funny ‘do’


I went out with my friend on Friday night and we didn’t have too much to drink but when I got home I didn’t sleep much because I just wasn’t tired. I’d had a VERY stressful day at work on the Friday. So on the Saturday morning I went to have my eyelashes done and I was laying there and I nodded off and woke up with a jump (embarrassing when someone’s trying to do a treatment on you) and then again I must have nodded off but then all of a sudden I felt dizzy and my eyes would not stop blinking rapidly and I started panicking loads thinking I was going to have a seizure. Why is it every time I have a moment of panic or anything I ALWAYS think I’m going to have a seizure. It’s really wearing me down because now I have a massive urge to google what happened. Why am I getting like this again 😔

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After a stressful day and not enough sleep it is bound that after the stress you will be exhausted. The moment you felt relaxed at the beautician you nearly felt asleep. I know it happened to me numerous times and i thought i had something with my brain and I felt sleepy. You need a day of good sleep. Hope u manage tonight.

I had that for YEARS, too. Got in the way of everything. Finally went away.

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