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Feeling like I'm getting a cold with the weather changing.....

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I am rarely medically Ill but just the last two days I have felt like I am starting to get a cold. I think it's due to the weather change as I am very good at washing my hands everyday. I am mostly medically I'll like gastroenteritis or other due to unfortunate and unexpected food poisoning or excess alcohol which is quite rare these days!!! I have been mentally well for a good few months now having increased my Sertraline to 100mg back then. I have got both kids at school now and lucky to have two days a week to do stuff. My kids school is really hot on the parents helping the children with their work and sometimes it's loads of extra effort. I really feel sorry for the kids today as modern life is just so hectic.

How is everyone with the change of season?

It's normally my time for deterioration but I am determined to keep myself strong and focussed on the present from here on in. Keep fingers crossed x

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Hi Blackdog, change of seasons is always a time for the cold season to hit. I know how

difficult it is in handling physical ailments along with anxiety. With the weekend near, I hope you have the opportunity to have some "me time" and take care of yourself.

Feel better. Are the kids old enough to allow you to get some rest? xx

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TheBlackdog in reply to Agora1

Absolutely the kids are just about x I have my family who will have them otherwise. I have had a good run of things lately too. I have been volunteering at the school and have probably picked up something from there! I am already in bed resting. Might cancel tomorrow's stuff as not important and just rest up. You always say the right things Agora1 you must be a counsellor or teacher or similar. You have such a good way with words. In fact it's because of what you said has prompted me to cancel tomorrow!! It's nice to be given a nudge in the right direction. I am going to rest!!!!

Still got the cold which is a bit annoying. I am a bit down today don't know why. Feeling tired and a bit on edge. It's exhausting raising a family. Hoping to get to sleep earlier tonight. Delegated the judo run to my other half as I have done it loads. I don't have enough energy to do all that tonight aswell. I feel guilty not doing it but know that I need space too. My god its peaceful in the house with everyone gone out. I don't need to deteriorate as this is normally the time of year that I get sick. Can't wait for Thursday to come round quickly enough so I can rest up and take 5. I hope to stay calm and relaxed and believe in myself to be strong mentally and emotionally.

Anybody else get down days that almost appear out of nowhere?

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