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Zoloft side effects



Anxiety has been okay.

What I’m really writing about is Zoloft side effects.

I was taking half of a 50 mg pill for a week and yesterday started on the full pill every morning. I feel nauseous, lack of appetite, and very dizzy + very weak. I also feel like I’m short of breath sometimes.

Generally how long should I wait before deciding it’s not working for me and are very bad side effects common with Zoloft ?

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Hi Treyjeff,

I am sorry who are experiencing bad side effects. When I asked the community about Zoloft a few weeks ago, it got mixed reviews. My daughter is currently taking 25mg of Zoloft every morning and she has no side effects. As you know, medicines affect everyone differently.

I am sorry I can't help you more.


I am taking 150mg of Sertraline after a self-induced relapse into depression/anxiety. A swollen tongue for a few days when I started taking Sertraline several years ago was my only side effect. There are other antidepressants, so you could ask your doctor to prescribe a different one. I hope you feel better soon. Be kind to yourself!

increased dosage can cause side effects. id give it a week or so.

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