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Pounding heart at night

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I have had this for 25 years. Am on citrolepam 40mg. It helps during the day but immediately I put my head on the pillow to sleep my heart pounds and if I wake up in the night. I don’t get much sleep. Tried just about everything. Am trying to accept the symptoms but automatic fight and flight kicks in. Any ideas welcome especially as to how to accept the symptoms for the time being

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Liz, you're already doing exactly what you should be doing...accepting it. Keep it mind that our bodies are sensitized from anxiety and although we accept the symptoms it creates, they don't go away right away. It took time to get there and will take time to stop. Try to continue accepting and know that it will not hurt you. Maybe think of something calm like a pet, a peaceful place you like, etc.

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Liz, you say you've tried just about everything. But have you tried going to sleep even though your heart is pounding. Why not try?

If your heart is going to pound might as well get some sleep rather than stay awake listening to it, feeling for it, fearing about it.

Say: "Pound away if you must heart, but you're not going to keep me awake any more. I know the heart muscle is the biggest, toughest muscle in my body. If my heart can take it so can I. I don't know what you're doing, heart, but I'm going to get some shut eye."

No need for fear or sleepless nights, Liz. Fear and tiredness and expectation are what have been keeping you awake all these nights. So lose your interest in the pounding, truly accept it without constantly checking if it's gone away yet. If you can frame your mind to sleep whether it's pounding or not, the end of pounding will be in sight.

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Liz1806 in reply to Jeff1943

Thank you Jeff. Wise advice as ever. The trouble is the heart keeps pounding but will now try to frame my mind to sleep.

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This happens to me at Night! Idk if it’s due to me being pregnant but it’s not a good feeling at all! Last night I had my heart pounding so Fast I just closed my eyes and don’t remember how I went back to sleep after that! I try to accept it and just go to sleep but it is difficult but not impossible

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