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Saving money!!! 🤑


Good morning to all, hope all are well.

I just wanted to share some good news that I got Tuesday, as I posted before I no longer have health insurance or prescription coverage, I am getting two of my most expensive medications through the pharmaceutical companies for free.

My ex-sister-in-law told me about the GoodRx card which I had already tried at my local Hometown Pharmacy, that I have been using for over 15 years but they don't accept that.

So I just went to the goodrx. Com and set up an account and the other seven medications that I take at my local pharmacy I was paying over $200 just for two, but now that I can use that GoodRx card at Kroger I am able to get all 7 of my medications, for $142 .98 a month so all the people who don't have prescription coverage like myself and live in Georgia you should really check out the GoodRx because it truly works it is AWESOME!!!

I have been so stressed out and my anxiety has been out the roof before I found this GoodRx that my sister-in-law told me about.

So I just wanted to share my good news and hope that I can help someone by just telling them about the GoodRx, like I said I live in Georgia and I know it works here so if anybody is having problems paying for their medications really need to check into this GoodRx.

I hope that everyone has a peaceful, calm nice weekend.


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Good morning & thanks for the info. I live in GA as well & I've seen a commercial about that but wasn't sure if it actually worked or one of those prescription saving cards that nobody takes. Glad you're saving money on your meds! Have a good day. 😊

crystalkile in reply to Kel76

Yes I also have always doubt it , but yes it is saving me a lot of money it's crazy how much money it's saving me and then there's three of my medications that I get at Walmart that are on the 90 day supply for $10 cash.

And I also just signed up with GoodRx gold, you get the first 30 days for free but after that for individual it's $5.99a month, and you save even more.

Like my hydrocortisone that I take for the Addison's disease 5 mg 3 x a day, I was paying over $60.00 and with the GoodRx card, I'm getting it $24.40.

And my rheumatoid arthritis medication Dicfolnac with potassium, I was paying$104.00 for #60 a month, now I pay $37.13

and my muscle relaxers that I take for the mixed connective tissue disease Robaxin I was paying a little over $60 a month, now I get it for$10.95!!!!

And I have 4 more medications I take and I'm saving so much on those also!!!

I would recommend anyone to just check into it you can just go to the goodrx. Com punch in your medication the strength and the quantity and BOOM there's your savings!!!!!!😎🤗🤑LoVe It!!

Kel76 in reply to crystalkile

Wow! That is definitely saving some bucks! That's gotta put a smile on your face. Sure would mine. Lol. Meds are expensive & some are just insanely expensive so that's wonderful.

crystalkile in reply to Kel76

Yes they are!

And people like myself who have so many autoimmune diseases that are not curable only managed with medications, and have to see a specialist and when you do not have health coverage you cannot afford that so I'm in the process now of trying to get somebody to help me fill out 8 Indigent program for Emory Hospital in midtown Atlanta Georgia because I have are a so severely I can't even hold onto a pencil or pen to even write my own name.

I'm talking into my phone. LoL

I have RA severely.

Bravo Crystal for taking action and taking control. Action conquers fear. ( they say :) )

Thank you!


The simple things in life that are free, and people take so much for granted!

Just being able to talk to you all on here , brings a smile to my face.

I'm so isolated and so alone and a lot of times very afraid.

All of my illnesses get to me at times because I know there's no cure for none of it, and as I sit here waiting for my lawyer to call so I can go in front of the judge about my social security disability it has been terribly ,terribly hard financially ,emotionally physically ,mentally...

But I have a wonderful Son, who makes sure I get my most inportant medications...

Agora1 in reply to crystalkile

crystalkile, sending you a "virtual hug" to let you know I care. xx

I am lucky enough that I can use the NHS in the UK, where due to the ailments I have I don't have to pay for prescriptions! Unlucky that our Government are killing off people like myself who have disabilities,they are doing this through two American medical companies ATOS and Compas ( I think both are banned from doing medical assessments in some States) we are looked after well by the NHS but then these assessments can either cut or enhance our benefits (similar to welfare) when we are working we pay National Insurance just in case we end up either unemployed or sick or like myself Disabled ! Most assessment's folk get denied the benefit but after appeal tribunal are mainly awarded a higher rate than they were expecting in the first place!! I have some physical ailments that caused disabilities and also mental health issues is Agoraphobia,Panic attacks,and have suffered a severe Nervous Breakdown! Yet still don't claim the full benefits I am entitled to! Mainly because of the assessments scare me too much! And I just about get by ok I fall behind sometimes with my bills but my remedy to that is to cut down on my food shopping, as long as my companions the Parrots have enough food and treats I am happy enough to go without for a while!

I am so glad you are able to get cheaper prescriptions now,I really believe that all prescriptions for medical ailments should be free and medical treatment should also be free ( again in the UK our NI contributions pay for the NHS unfortunately the government has not ring fenced our contributions so they don't use it all for the NHS and Benefits system as they should be)!

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