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Am i alone with these issues?


Can anxiety make you feel distant from those close to you or emotionally numb? Its been bad for a couple days. It makes me feel like a jerk, i feel self centered and i hate it. Today i also was beating myself up, calling myself an asshole and being self centered...i love my friends and family, i know this....but i dont feel it strongly, this makes me feel cold hearted...anyone else have these issues?

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Hi There, Totally yes, I was like this all day yesterday, I think your body just adjusts to being stressed all the time and you get a bit depressed. I think that's what that numbness is. Don't be too hard on yourself though do what you have to take care of yourself, what I find really helpful is some mindfulness meditation. It reminds your body how to be still and calm instead of tense and anticipating bad things. I've been doing a little each day for a month or so now and it really does help. Getting a bit of regular exercise has been useful too, it gives something you can actively do to improve your mental health. Even if it's just walking or jogging at first it'll help. Hope you feel better soon pal.

Lindsey14 in reply to SamuelJ52

Thank you very much♡

Hi Lindsey14,

To be honest and also in contrast to what you said, it's not you who has feel like a jerk or an a$$hole, it's the anxiety who actually is!

I do understand that anxiety creates an isolation that is unexplainable. This isolation doesn't exist but it definitely makes its presence known. This is exactly the reason why it becomes difficult to explain our anxiety to people whom we care and who care for us.

Most of the people are self centered, so you don't have to feel bad about being one. We think about others only when we aren't thinking about ourselves.

I strongly feel that anxiety needs to be controlled not by medicines, but by proper lifestyle including low sugar, low fat diet and regular exercise.

And anxiety is not something that goes away permanently. However, it can definitely be minimized to an extent where you are not bothered about it anymore. Change your lifestyle if possible.

Hi Lindsey, I’m right there with you! I end up feeling bad about ignoring my friends and their problems or seeming like I don’t care when in reality I’m battling my own demons. I also find it really hard to express how I feel and be vulnerable. It’s so annoying...

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