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Hi guys, I have a question for everyone who takes seroxat. Have you ever tried to wean of it? I got liquid seroxat to make it easier for me to lower the dosage. I started on 10 ml 6 months ago and currently I'm taking 2ml. I'm having really bad withdrawal symptoms. If any of you have experience related seroxat, can you please describe your experience? Please and thanks t

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Hey there, I may not have a direct answer to your question, rather than just saying that I’m currently going through the same this exact moment! So we are not alone , which is kinda conferring.

Having been been on 40 seroxat around 6 years, I’ve had to drastically drop the dosages as it had suddenly lowered my heart rate to dangerous levels. And yes I’m going through hell, Neither my GP or psychiatrist seem to have the relevant knowledge to help me.

Out of desperation, I’ve reduced from 40mg down to 2.5mg in just 5 months and after being of my lowest dose of just 2.5mg, I decided to come off it completely since yesterday. It’s probably not a smart thing to do, but I’ve got no choice and I’m not sure how this would work out for me. There is a blog with thousands of Seroxat withdrawals sufferers with individual tips, if you google seroxat secrets. But I think we are both in desperate need for a really good and experienced physiatrist. But you have done an amazing thing coming so far!! trust me you are almost there. Wish me luck too please. Take care buddy x


Uaau, you went down a lot. How do you feel now with your "cold turkey"?I was thinking the same, just stop it and somehow survive. I think if I could go somewhere for a month and had nothing else to do and worry about but me I could do it. I found very difficult to deal with my surroundings and people when I am feeling that terrible. I wish you success and lots and lots and lots of strength to withstand this. Let me know


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